Fleetway Tonic is Tonic the Hedgefox's evil self, he is a form of Tonic that is like Super Fleetway Sonic but worst.

How Did Fleetway Tonic Exsit?Edit

While the fusion, all of Sonic's forms became into Tonic, creating Mutible Fleetway forms.

What Can Fleetway Tonic Do?Edit

He can do everything Tonic can do! Tonic can outrun him though.


While Tonic the Hedgefox and Fudge the Fox were fighting Eggman with the helps of Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower, Tonic and Sonic got into complete stress and turned fleetway, but they where defeated with Tonic's Fleetway being sperated from Tonic.

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