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Fudge Chocolate Fox

Age 8
Species Fox
Type Flight Type
Good Or Villian Good

Fudge Chocolate Fox is Tonic the Hedgefox's sidekick, he's a recolor of Miles "Tails" Prower but he has diffrent moves!

Story to find TonicEdit

Fudge was walking around, he's really dumb so he bumped into Tonic the Hedgefox, Tonic got up and helped Fudge up, they became friends!

Abilitys / PowersEdit

Fudge is slow but he can doublejump with his 2 tails. He loves chocolate cake and he uses it has a projectile.


Fudge the Fox can turn into Chocolate Fudge like a super form! 


  • Fudge was the first character to get a surname.
  • Fudge loves chocolate cake so much he uses it.

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